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safieri: what a turkey would look like if you were on an acid trip (Default)
Monday, February 20th, 2017 11:05 am
I was doing so well! Updating regularly but then...BAM! Holiday sale! Okay okay, there was also Valentine's Day tossed in there but that was more inspiration for new smutty stories. ;) My husband's a sweetheart like that <3. Enough with the mush! I need to get back into a regular schedule writing...something. I don't like it when I'm not posting at the very least something here for the blog. Nothing to it but to do it, right?

This week is going to be busy too but we'll see what I can get going. Maybe something fun? I have some interesting ideas for writing exercises that I've talked about here before. It's a little rough going for the stories I've got going right now so maybe trying something different will get the juices flowing again. Something shorter where I don't have to worry about continuity...We'll see! Heaven knows I talk about doing a lot of stuff that I just flake off on. Flaky is only desirable in crusts!! Not people!! No more resembling crust!! ......And now I really want pie. Dammit! >.