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Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 11:53 am
I'm a pretty upbeat person most of the time. I've been called bubbly even. That's kind of my default setting so when things happen to get me down they generally have to be fairly large. For that reason, even when a customer yells at me I bounce back. I don't take it personally, I understand they're upset at the situation and not me. BUT. When a person turns that around and blames me for what happened (despite my reminding them that I'm not the cause of it, I'm the one who's offering them a solution to the problem and trying to help)...it gets to me. I'll bounce back eventually but it's harder to dispel the gloom that kind of negativity casts over me. This is the kind of customer I've had to deal with yesterday and today.

My post isn't to complain about it (I'll get my venting out with a coworker who can commiserate with me). I'm writing this to ask people...be kind to each other. When you get the urge to take your frustrations out on someone or to blame them for whatever is happening, stop and think of how you would feel if that was your wife. Your mother. Your sister. Your friend. Would you be saying the same things to them or be okay with another person speaking to them in that way? That's it. Thank you for sitting through the whole thing.